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keeping you safe

1 Shopper Means Less Hands

Mask  Always Worn

Hand Sanitizer & Hand Washing  Is Mandatory

New Gloves Each Time


a piece of cake

Yes, that could mean literally, but in this case it means, We Shop is super EASY! 

Just give us your budget, we'll stick to it and handle it from there! It's as simple as that!

*pick-up & delivery

Whether you're unable to get around, limited for time, or weary to leave the house due to the pandemic, We Shop takes care of it all and delivers right to the doorstep!

*Additional Charges apply when outside of the GTA.



Getting creative with gift shopping can be fun, but also a challenge for many. That's where We Shop comes in!

The perfect gift ideas, and the right words for custom made cards, guaranteed to be keepers! 

We Shop bridges the gap between your thoughtfulness and creativity, helping your sentiments and dollars convert into a thoughtful, special and memorable gift!


supporting small business

Let's face it, small & local businesses are hurting due to the pandemic. Together we can help show our support and their importance by doing our absolute best to support them as often as we can.

In addition to small local business, Canadian businesses as a whole need us, and we certainly need them too!

We Shop has the resources and is committed to doing our part so that together, we can help the Canadian economy.  Lets show them we care by shopping and supporting small, local and Canadian businesses at large.

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